I have learned that Creativity is the antidote to depression, anxiety, and burnout. The key is to be creative because it brings joy or clarity, not as a way to find fame, make money, or feel relevant. It is a blessing when one can pursue one's creative ideas without worrying about paying the bills. Books I have found helpful are Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. Morning Pages is an excellent exercise to get the tangled threads out of the system so that one can get to the real nuggets of insight/clarity. Good luck!

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thank you for this post. What originally brought me to your page was the fact that as a south asian man you yourself recognised , had awareness and admitted how south asian parents can program their boys into believing certain things and those boys don’t question it

( and then when they marry and their wives bring out the truth and then those innocent girls are labelled negatively)

all your content is great so please keep it up :)

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