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I write about about things that move me, generally in the realm of emotional intelligence, creativity, and happiness.

In this house, we:

  • believe that the world is a vast and deeply complex place worth discovering

  • are committed to self-discovery through reflection and creation

  • recognize the cosmic lottery we have won by merely existing and feel a sense of immense gratitude daily

  • relish in changing our minds, admitting fault, and apologizing for harm unintentionally inflicted

  • see authenticity and vulnerability as a sign of strength

  • understand the difference between kindness and passivity, between confidence and arrogance

  • speak out for, and educate ourselves on, the historically disadvantaged, disenfranchised and disrespected

  • respect the importance of tradition and the importance of progress

  • encourage experimentation and risk in the pursuit of self-development

  • are unafraid to say “I don’t know.”

There’s no telling what impossibly beautiful thing we may stumble across when we pause, inhale, and take the Long Way Home🏡.

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Ideas on emotional intelligence and creativity, and their intersection with the South Asian/immigrant experience.


Essays on the South Asian experience and other musings. Writing to learn.