Introduction 🏡

Welcome and Thanks For Joining Me

Here We Are

I wanted to thank you again for choosing to sign up for the Long Way Home 🏡. As I mentioned earlier, this is an experiment for me to learn how to think more clearly, process more reliably, and feel more fulfilled.

I consume a lot of fascinating content. As a result, over the past few months, I've been craving an intellectual exhaust pipe (a phrase I'm stealing from Kevin Simler) for me to process the key insights and discover what I think—a forum that forces me to order my thoughts comprehensibly, suitable for sharing. But I’ve been hesitant. Conventional thinking is that newsletters without a hyper-focused niche will never see the astronomic popularity of some of the most far-reaching newsletters we have (OfDollarsAndData, Stratechery, Brain Pickings, Sinocism). But I don't think global fame is the long-term goal of LWH. I'm certainly not an expert on any of the subject matter about which I plan to write. I write because I want to learn, not because I know. And I'm flattered that you've chosen to carve out a space for me in your inbox once per week so that we may potentially learn together.

What to Expect From Me

I plan to release a new edition of LWH every Wednesday. The topics you can expect from LWH span creativity, emotional intelligence, the South Asian lived experience, hip-hop, and maybe even healthcare (the industry in which I work). But really, I expect it to be a grab-bag. Together, we're going to discover where this experiment leads us.

I'll be sharing more of my thoughts on Twitter. That's the best place to reach me and connect with me if you want to discuss any of the content from LWH, or anything else.

Give It To Me Straight

If you’re receiving this to your inbox, it means that you’re one of my earliest supporters. It means the world. But in my opinion, it also comes with some responsibility. I have an ask—please respond to this email, and any subsequent email, with what’s working and what’s not working. The honest feedback will make this newsletter better for everyone, and I don’t want to send you anything that you don’t find valuable. It doesn’t have to be an extreme emotion for it to be important, and I want to hear it all.

Before I Go

If you're waiting for a sign to begin a new creative venture, this is it. We can do it together or from afar. This is your permission and your vote of confidence wrapped into one. You have everything you need. Just start and course-correct as you go. That’s what I’m doing. It took a lot to get LWH out into the world, and since I'm at the base of my personal summit, looking up at what feels like an insurmountable cliff, having comrades feeling the same self-doubt and apprehension would be encouraging. Give it a shot. I promise that not nearly as many people are watching as you might think.

With excitement,
Vandan Jhaveri 🏡

My goal is to make every newsletter worth your time. If for some reason you feel as though it may not be, please feel free to unsubscribe. No hard feelings. I want everyone to find value in how they spend each minute of their day, and I’m quite happy knowing that my silence is making it easier for you to hear your day sing.

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